The Test is also FRF K9 Association Club Championship 2018 for members in classes A and B

Invitation Registration is closed!

36 registrations from 4 countries, 6 IRO NROs
7 x E, 11 x A, 18 x B

 G. Thanner (AT)   Nosework E, B 
 T. Lee (KR)   Nosework A, obedience and dexterity E, A, B 

Timetable 09.06.2018
 07:30   Registration to the test 
 08:30   Opening of the test 
 09:00-18:50   Test 

Timetable 10.06.2018
 07:30-15:50   Test 
 16:30   Closing ceremony 


RH-T A Test results

RH-T B Test results

RH-T E Test results

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